Improve your tournament poker outcomes

Mach9 provides a pay-as-you-go tournament poker training system that allows you to build a strategy and test it against a field of AI poker bots designed by our resident AI expert, Dave Mark.

About Us

Empowering New Players

Mach9 starts at the very beginning of the tournament structure, at the beginning of the elements, and shows you pregressively how to think like a poker pro.

“We will Miyagi you into thinking like a poker pro”

About Us

How Mach9 works

“Build a strategy, test it, change it, repeat”

Our user experience allows you to use poker elements like blinds, position, round, and hole card ranges as a basis for any given “rule”. Then you can add specifics like number and position of Villains, current bet, your stack. And we also let you group rules to cover a larger strategy like “3-betting from UTG short-stacked L1-4”

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Our Team

The two Dave's have decades in IT and AI and are both successful tournament poker players.

David Cornelson

Founder, CEO, Application Architect, Backend Engineer

Dave Mark

AI Poker Bot Architect and Engineer

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